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When i was 8, active and always playing around, i sought something to fill this excruciating void that we all have inside of us. Between recess and my superhero fantasies, i still looked for that special something.

I looked and looked and then one day, i found it. There it stood in front of me, at the swedish theater group, glisterring with a passion i’ve never seen in all my 8 years on this planet : Acting. It was going to be my one true love.

As our relationship grew, and i learned more about the subtleties of Acting, my journey led me to France. Honing my skill and growing my passion for Acting in a small theater. Later on i took my backpack and decided that there’s more to see in the world. Next stop? The land of the free, home of the brave, the USA. There i met a wonderful mentor who taught me the Meisner technique. This person showed me the most important thing of all, how to be real.

After many hotdogs and yellow cab rides, i got back to France for some wine and cheese and continued my journey in a drama school in Paris where i learned onscreen acting and theater.

A turning point in my career was enrolling in Actors Factory. There i took my skills to the next level and beyond. But the learning journey had to continue. I felt my passion burn even brighter. I studied the Meisner technique more in depth with coaches from LA, Mark & Tracey Pelligrino and went to Paris Meisner Studio to continue working on my craft.

Somewhere inside of me, that 8 year old is still kicking, proud that i didn’t break the promise. And yet the journey isn’t done. I looked for a dream and came upon a way of life. And for that, i remain grateful.


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